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The end of July 2011 saw Dewi Lewis, a Gwynedd County Councillor, plead guilty to having stolen more than £53,000 from the Post Office. Four weeks later he was jailed for a period of 16 months. In some respects his was the ultimate white collar Post Office Job. It didn't involve a gang of rough blokes with weapons and a swag bag. Dewi had simply ensured that money ended up in one account as opposed to another.

Sub-postmasters are in a position of high trust and also the public have to have confidence in that service which is provided Judge Merfyn Hughes QC

He owned Siop Dewi, the local village store, in which he also ran a sub-post office counter. The shop had been struggling financially and the temptation to illegally bail it out by stealing from the Post Office receipts clearly proved too big.

The missing Post Office money was discovered during an audit. To Dewi's credit he ensured that the sum was repaid, though this was only achieved by having his 84 year old father remortgage his house. In total he had been £300,000 in debt.

Until this had all come to light, Dewi had been responsible for the portfolio of economy and communities for Gwynedd Council - presumably as a result of his expertise in running a small community centred business.

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