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Hi, I think that it is fair to say that I'm a plain talking Northern bloke who doesn't like to (pork) mince his words. If you find yourself asking Who the hell is this guy?, I can only suggest that you read on and find out a bit more.

About me


From a modest background and educated in the University of Life, I've somehow ended up as both a purveyor of prime pork products, and part-time political pundit. It's funny how life pans out sometimes.


I have never been a member of a political party, and you couldn't label me as a supporter of any. I do have firm (none-party) political beliefs - I simply don't care to share them widely. Also, unlike many politicians and a few folks I know, I'd never be so arrogant to assume that I know best i.e. I'm right and you're wrong.

After having first been introduced to the concept of confirmation bias a number of years ago, my aim is to always report in a measured way. If at any time you can detect a bias in the editorial, please feel to drop me a line and call me out on it.

Why I'm doing this

It's a well known figure of speech to say They're all the same, when speaking with contempt about politicians. I don't agree with that. It's a lazy analysis. There are plenty of honest, well meaning folks dedicated to political pursuits, whether politicians or those working within local and national government.

However, it can't be denied that there's far too much wrong-doing in UK politics. That's especially true when it comes to elected representatives putting their personal greed above the needs of the people they should be serving. Also, there's clearly no difference when it comes to political affiliation, class, sex, religion, or ethnicity. Troughers come from all walks of life.

It cannot be allowed to continue. It's time to name, shame, learn from our mistakes in allowing this to happen, and then - put things right.

Progress to date

To date we have tracked down troughers who are:

  1. Councillors

Our Editor

Image of Pete Parkinson
Pete Parkinson the pig butcher - he's not your typical website editor

For those with either ethical or religious concerns - no real pigs were killed in the production of this web site.