Alex Slater (Liberal Democrat)

Benefit Fraud

The 14th of December 2016 saw Alex Slater, a former Wycombe District Councillor, sentenced to a 12 month community order with 140 hours of unpaid work as a result of his fraudulent benefit claims. He was also instructed to pay costs of £1,175.

Unfortunately he also had previous form when it comes to breaking rules in public office.

For a period 2013-2015, Alex had fraudulently claimed more than £1500 in council tax reductions, whilst serving on Wycombe District Council. He had not made them aware of the fact that at the time, he had paying tenants staying at his home.

Following his conviction, he has certainly shown some contrition, having paid back the sum claimed and issuing an apology. He even agreed to accept the judgement of his peers on Hazlemere Parsh Council, should they decide ask him to leave his position there, folowing his Wycombe District Council misdemeanour.

Maybe he was as contrite as the time in 2014 when he was first removed from Hazlemere Parish Council, having broken election rules when not declaring a criminal conviction from 2006.


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