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March 2017, saw a story break, which brought to people's attention the activities of councillor Paul Hodgson. It allowed him to be seen in a totally new light, though by saying this we mean by using a policeman's torch! Evidently, he had previously been fortunate to only receive a caution from the Attorney General, following his high jinks when impersonating a police officer on the Isle of Man.

As a civilian memember of staff for the police, it was certainly a brave move to walk into a police station dressed as a Chief Constable, take a marked car without consent, and end up providing entertainment for a hen party on a karaoke night out.

This escapade from 2011, must surely couldn't have been disclosed when first adopted as a candidate, and subsequently elected as a Labour councillor for the ward of Stadium in Berwick Upon Tweed.

Luckily for the remainder of Northumberland, it somehow made its way into the news in time to allow The Labour Party to withdraw him as a candidate for the Berwick East Ward of Northumberland County Council in the 2017 election. It is not totally clear what suitable attributes he could have brought to the role, though maybe the karaoke hen night girls could have provided more information on that.

When quizzed by local press, Paul declined to give a comment. This was probably the best course of action, and hopefully a sign of him now being a bit more circumspect in his behaviour.


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