George Ringrow (Conservative)

Benefit Fraud

Early March 2016 saw George Ringrow, a Hampshire County Councillor, found guilty of having made £32,000 worth of fraudulent pension credit claims over a 5 year period. Remarkably he avoided a jail term, instead receiving a 4 month sentence - suspended for 1 year. He's a very lucky man.

After receiving benefits for short period in 2009, Ringwrow negelected to notify the DWP of a change in circumstances when bagging a new job. A feat he managed to repeat after his election to Hampshire County Council in May 2013 and being in receipt of further remuneration.

He claimed to have phoned and written to the DWP several times during the period of falsely claiming Pension Credit, though no record could be produced to confirm this. It was agreed however, that the DWP had written to him on a number of occasions, asking for him to notify them of any change in circumstances. He didn't comply.

Aside from quiting the Conservative Party, Ringrow to save himself from any further disciplinary action, also resigned from his position of Church Warden at Holy Trinity Church in Fareham and, his membership of the Diocesan Synod and Bishop's Council.


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